Thursday, August 28, 2014


Tonight I am thinking about Forgiveness.  It was one of my 2013 New Year's Goals. 

Ask Forgiveness / Accept Forgiveness

I started 2013 off by sending an email to an old friend.   We hadn't talked in years and I knew it was due to something I had said and ways I had acted.  It was nothing criminal or morally corrupt, just sheer bad manners and being an awful friend.

I think about her when I'm doing dishes.  It makes no sense, as there was nothing about our friendship or breakup that had anything to do with dishes.  But when I get my soapy hands on a dish I start to think about her and where it all went wrong.   

I emailed her once years back and it bounced.   In 2013 I decided to cyber-stalk her.  I found her professional page and sent her a note.   I apologized, stated my wrongdoings, took complete responsibility and begged for forgiveness.  Then I never heard from her.  But it's okay.  I knew that it was never about reconnecting with her or picking up where we left off.  It was important to me that I acknowledged the hurt I had caused and said that I was sorry.

Today I got a note from another old friend.  

"I am deeply sorry for how things went down years ago and wanted to apologize"

That brought me peace.  More than she knows.

Now while I am scrubbing a greasy pan I can think about peace. 

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