Wednesday, November 2, 2011

singing her praises

Sometimes I feel like I brag about my girl too often. She's my one and only and as frustrating as motherhood can be, I am forever amazed by the experience. It's quite possible that friends and family get tired of hearing me sing her praises, but I can't stop. She is incredible, even with all her flaws and she deserves to hear her mother brag.

Monday was Halloween and it was a perfect night. She was dressed and ready to go long before anyone else in the neighborhood. I told her we needed to wait until after 6:00 to make sure people were home from work and ready to receive trick-or-treaters. She patiently hung outside watching the cars come home.

She and I walked the neighborhood together and Matt stayed at home to hand out candy. Early in the evening it hit me how much of a politician my little girl is. She has no fear and going door to door and talking to people was her favorite part of the night. She walked up, introduced herself, said Trick or Treat and chatted with whomever was at the door. If someone paid her a compliment she had to say something nice in return.

Neighbor: I love your costume!
Cha: Well I love the way you carved your pumpkins and put flowers around them.

She found something to chat about at every house. If the family had a dog she would discuss the breed and tell stories about her new puppy, or dogs in her life. One house had a beautiful chocolate lab. After she took the candy and said thank you she asked if she could pet the dog. (She had to pet all dogs.) Then she told the story of her cousin's chocolate lab, who they got as a puppy but had to put down due to a digestive issue. (Her words.) She said she hoped their lab stayed healthy then said "Happy Halloween!" and walked to the next house.

We were back home before 7:00 at her request. She said she'd had enough and wanted to pass out candy. Matt and I started out answering the door with her but it became obvious that this was her show and she didn't need co-stars. She coo'd at every costume and continued to make small talk with everyone. About 8:00 when the young kids were home and all we were receiving were teenagers, Cha continued the banter. I had to laugh at one point when she was handing out candy to the kids who gave her candy earlier in the night. And, they weren't nearly as friendly or polite as she had been. (Do teens ever say thank you?)

She is a sweet, smart, funny, and lively child. She loves people and that will serve her well in life.

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  1. Wonderful girl!
    Wonderful mom!
    Hugs and kisses to you xo