Monday, February 16, 2009

What a week

I'll start out with a pic of Cha at Paige's birthday party. The party was held at BounceU which was way cool.
As you can see, Cha and I both had fun. Here I am sliding down with Maya while Cha is climbing up the stairs herself. We went down together a couple of times but she preferred to do it herself. She likes to dive down head first or jump down so she bounces real high. She's fearless!

Saturday night we had a Valentine's Day Race for the Cure benefit. It was a family friendly Valentine party but we also sold raffle tickets for several gift baskets that were donated by friends and family. It was fun and we raised $300 for our team. Not too bad for a lot of last minute planning.

Some of my favorite pictures of the night.....

Here's Matt playing with birthday girl Paige. It's heartwarming how well the kids get along with the other parents. We've become a second family.

This summer the family is getting together for a little family vacation. We're planning on meeting somewhere in the middle, which is in or around St. Louis, Mo the 3rd week of July. We've got a small army and I'm having a difficult time finding someplace that has space and availability to fit us in. If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them!

Finally, I posted last week about the passing of 'Asa Buchanan'. I am very sad to say that the actor who played Asa's son on the show also passed away recently. Clint Ritchie was the true Clint Buchanan. (Yes, I'm a total soap opera geek.)

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