Monday, August 1, 2011

Mr. Pettibone

I have never had a cat like this. He is definitely one of a kind. His name was Mischief when we adopted him but Cha changed it to Mr. Pettibone (after Goofy's pet kitten). He must have been on his best behavior the first six months because I wouldn't necessarily call him a naughty cat. Now that he's settled and feeling comfortable he is a little trouble maker.

He's got this fascination with bread. He loves it and will steal it right off your plate. Cha was having a hotdog for lunch one afternoon and Mr. Pettibone jumped up on the table, snagged the hotdog bun, and tore off. What kind of kitty takes the bread and leaves the meat?

We can't leave bread out or he'll attack it in the middle of the night. We learned this after finding several half eaten loaves in a corner of the basement. Bread now goes in a basket on top of the cabinet.

Yesterday I bought bagels to bring in to work with me. Silly me, I left them on the counter overnight. This morning they were gone and this is what I found in the basement:

A cat and his prey. I couldn't help but laugh. That kitty jumped up on the counter, grabbed a bag of eight bagels, pulled it through the little kitty door and carried it to the basement. I almost want to set up a hidden camera to watch him do it again.

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  1. That is crazy! I have heard of cats liking all sorts of food but never bread! So funny!