Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bad Jello

Cha has two imaginary friends, Monster and Jello. Monster showed up a few months ago and at first she was deathly afraid of him. She'd call me into her room at night and say that Monster was scaring her. I kept telling her that Monster was friendly and wanted to play but if he was bothering her she should ask him to leave her alone.

Today Monster is one of her best buddies. He rides to school with us every morning and they have the most amusing conversations in the back seat. Last week Cha told him that Caden punched her at daycare (untrue) and asked Monster to kiss her arm. Then she said 'Thank you Monster. I love you.'

She's also big on pointing out the important things in life. We live near a farm and every so often I'll hear Cha say 'Look Monster! A cow! Mooooo!!!!' I'm so glad the two of them have become good friends.

Jello is another story. He showed up about a week ago and he's always hitting or touching her. This morning it was like having two bickering siblings in the back seat.

'Mommy, Jello is touching me.'

'Jello, please stop touching Charlotte.'

'See Jello, Mommy said to stop!'

Two minutes later Jello was back to touching her. She scolded him. 'Bad Jello! Stop right now!'

She has similar conversations with the kittens. She will snuggle with them and whisper in their ears, then all the sudden she turns into Lenny with the rabbits. She starts to squeeze the life out of them until they wise up and run away. Matt and I are always joking that the kitten's names are 'Run' and 'Kitty Run!' Those poor ani-mules.

I suspect this is the life of an only child. (Anyone remember Danny's imaginary friend 'Tony' from The Shining? I pray that Jello and Monster don't start talking about 'redrum'.)

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