Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Wait

Update: C met with Dr. K yesterday. He said he didn't think the lump was malignant, but he has to take it out. She's going in to have it removed on Friday. Fingers crossed!

One of my dear friends found a lump recently. She went in for a mammogram this past week only to have them confirm that it was indeed a lump (duh!). She already knew that but wanted more information. They can't tell her anything until they do an ultrasound but they can't do an ultrasound until she meets with a surgeon. The surgeon can't meet with her until next Monday so it's going to be a very long weekend.

The waiting really is one of the worst part about this whole process. You're already anxious waiting for the mammogram, but having to wait to meet with the surgeon and then to schedule an ultrasound and then a biopsy is harsh. By the time you get the results you've thought of every possible terrifying outcome and your heart is cracking and your lungs are on overdrive from trying to breathe. There really ought to be a fast track for these things.

My friend was one of the very few people who came to visit me in the hospital. (I didn't want anyone to visit me actually but was so grateful to see her.) She is also one of the few who saw my new breasts one week after surgery. She told me recently that they really freaked her out at first and I completely understand. They were a mess! I hope it didn't scar her for life.

I am praying that her lump turns out to be nothing. She's a bit younger and the odds are more in her favor. Besides, the idea of the two of us getting cancer is just wrong.

Please keep Carrie in your thoughts.

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