Thursday, January 10, 2008

Good day

I had a good day today. Cha and I slept in a bit and I got her to school by 8:30. She was in a great mood this morning and happy to see her friends.

After I dropped her off I decided to go for breakfast. I grabbed the local paper and stopped at Nudy's in P'ville. The place was empty so I didn't feel guilty taking my time and getting lost in the news. It was nice not to be in a hurry.

I came home and took a walk around the neighborhood. It wasn't as warm as yesterday but it still felt good to clear my head. MIL loaned me a meditation CD which I played while laying on the couch and it was amazing. There's a meditation for busy people which is a five minute guided imagery track. I got lost in the words and the sounds and felt incredible when it was over.

Most of the rest of the day was spent on getting the guest room ready for my mom and Regina and cleaning the house. It was nice to keep busy tho I did take a Xanax around lunch when I started feeling a bit edgy.

Tonight was game night with the working moms. There were ten of us and there was lots of laughter. That was just what the doctor ordered. We had so much fun and I stayed much later than I thought I would. I love my mom friends!

I thought about keeping Cha home from daycare tomorrow but I think I'll take her in late and pick her up early. I'd like to keep up with the long, quiet walk and break out the yoga DVDs.

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