Monday, January 7, 2008

Upcoming appointments

The surgery is set for two weeks from today.

On Wednesday I am meeting with Dr. K, the breast surgeon. This is the last appt with him before the surgery and Matt will be coming with me. It's more of a check-in where we'll discuss what will happen and Matt will get a chance to finally ask some questions. I am also going to ask him for some Xanax.

Wednesday will also be three weeks since the genetic testing and I still haven't received the results. Who knows if they'll come back this week or next.

Monday the 14th I have an appt for pre-admission testings at the hospital. I'll be meeting with the anesthesiologist's office (not sure if it's with the anesthesiologist him/herself).

Friday the 18th I am meeting with Dr. S, the plastic surgeon. He'll go over everything and take some before pictures. My mom will be in town so I'll probably bring her with me.

I will be calling Dr. M2's office shortly to see if I can get an appt this week. He's my shrink and I'm in desperate need of some time on the couch. I'm hoping he'll be able to fit me in asap.

ETA: Dr. M2 called me back and said he can squeeze me in tomorrow night. I'm not quite sure if talking is going to help, but I'm going to give it a shot. What I really need is a time machine so I can skip ahead to the end of January.

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