Friday, January 25, 2008

So Blessed

I finally got a minute to check in so I thought I'd give a quick update. The surgery was 12 hours and very complicated due to muscle spasms and blood supply issues. Dr. S was able to move quite a bit of tissue so my breasts are ENORMOUS. He had noticed mid surgery that my tissue wasn't the best quality and knew that I would end up with some failure. As of now I've got two big areas that are dying. The plan is to go in some time in the next 7 to 1o days when he can tell how much is truly going to survive and cut out what hasn't. At that time he'll reshape and I'll probably end up with a large B cup.

The recovery has been miserable. I've never experienced so much pain and to tell you the truth I thought it would be easier. I've spent the whole week with a sheet draped over me writhing in pain. I'm going to eventually post a 'good, bad, and ugly' note about the whole surgery/hospital experience so I won't go too much into it now. I want to remain positive and I don't want the negatives to ruin any more of my time here.

The bottom line is that the pathology report came back 100% clean. There was nothing further in the nodes and the rest of the breast tissue was fine. Today I do not have cancer and I feel so incredibly blessed. I cried on the phone when Dr. K called me with the news.

I'll be coming home tonight after dinner. My hemoglobins are a little low but Dr. S thinks it's because I've been on fluids so long. Physically I feel fine today, just a whole lot of sore. I am looking forward to going home tonight and squeezing my little girl. I've missed her so much!

I'll post more soon.

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