Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My Mommy's Coming!

We got my mom's plane ticket yesterday. Both she and my niece will be flying out on Thursday January 17th. Regina will be staying for two weeks and my mom has agreed to stay for a month. My mom is deathly afraid to fly so she must really love me!

She's leaving from OKC and Regina is leaving from Madison. They're on the same flight, sitting next to each other actually, from Detroit to Philly. I am hoping that will make it easier for both of them. Regina will be carrying baby Mason with her and I'm sure she'll appreciate putting him on Grandma's lap. My mom won't be able to freak out too much with an infant in her arms.

Over the weekend Matt and I hurried around trying to set up the house. We've been using the 3rd bedroom as our office so we had to move things around. Thankfully, the kitties have quickly adjusted to having their litter boxes moved to the basement. I am still on the lookout for a deal on a full size bed so let me know if you hear of anything (or have an extra one collecting dust in your basement!)

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