Friday, January 18, 2008

Is it time for bed yet?

Wow, I'm tired.

Mom and Regina's flight was supposed to arrive at 10:59 pm last night. I checked the flight status at 10:00 when we left for that airport and it showed that it was going to be early. It was raining in Philly but nothing too major but the plane was still an hour late.

When I met up with Mom, Regina and Baby Mason we waited at the baggage area for what seemed like forever. Mom picked up her bags rather quickly but Regina just stood there. She thought she saw her bag go around but a man picked it up so we continued to wait. Then they said all the bags had been delivered and hers was missing. Crap!

She, Baby Mason and I stood in the lost luggage line for about an hour. Baby Mason was tired, cranky and very hungry. Since it was such a long day Regina had run out of water for his formula. The two of us must have said a million times how hungry he was and how we needed to feed him but the ten people in front of us had all the compassion of Philly natives. I know if I had seen a young mother with a hungry baby I would bump her to the front of the line no question. Oh well.

At a little after 1:00 am we were in the car on our way home. Baby Mason and Cha fell asleep in the car thankfully. The rest of us were barely keeping our eyes open. I'm so thankful that Matt drove and took care of us so well.

We were all home and in bed by 2:00 am. You would think that since the babes didn't get much sleep they would sleep in. Nah, that would be too easy. Cha was up just after seven and when we got downstairs we found Regina and Baby Mason already on the couch. Mom was the only one lucky enough to get some decent shut eye.

Around 9:30 my cellphone rang. Some strange man asked if I was Regina. I thought it was the airport so I said yes. The man apologized profusely and said he didn't notice til he got home that he accidentally picked up the wrong bag. He felt so terrible when he noticed the formula and baby clothes and said he knew immediately who the bag belonged to. He lives an hour away so I suggested that we meet half way. He showed up right after us and apologized again and gave Regina $60 for her trouble. Not too bad!

Cha and Baby Mason had a wonderful time playing together this morning. Baby Mason is such a sweet and mellow baby and I already love him to pieces. Regina and I just got them both down for a nap and are finally able to relax. I thought I'd post an update before I sat on the couch and passed out.

Oh, and the hospital called and just as I suspected I have to be there at 6:00 am on Monday.

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