Sunday, January 27, 2008

My daily to-do and what it's like so far

This is what I've been charged with doing every day:

I have four drains. Two are attached to my breasts and two are attached to my abdomen. I empty them every 4 hours or so and have to keep track of the times and how much fluid is draining. When the output is less than 30 ml a day then I can have them removed. Yesterday the output was averaging 40 ml per drain every time I emptied them, so I've still got quite a while.

I have to do breathing exercises since I've got fluid in my lungs and we don't want it to turn into something serious. I have been coughing up phlegm for days, which is painful but good.

I have to wear TEDS stockings which help to prevent blood clots.

I am also doing arm and leg exercises to keep my muscles from going funky.

I can shower and wear deodorant (some people aren't able to 1 week post surgery). I don't let the water run down my front only because I'm afraid of the pain.

I'm wearing a sorta loose fitting sports bra. My body is still very swollen and it's been difficult to find something that fits around my chest. The breasts are a very lumpy DD but I'm wearing a DDD since we have to tuck absorbent pads in there. The dying tissue is putting out a bit of blood and fluids.

I am taking the following medication:

875 mg of antibiotics twice a day
2 mg of pain meds (a generic Dilaudid) every four hours or as needed
5 mg of generic Valium every 8 hours or as needed
10 mg of Lexapro once a day
Iron supplement
Stool softener

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