Saturday, February 9, 2008


When I woke up from my second surgery I was wearing a bra. It was the coolest thing ever and felt so comfortable. It's got clasps in the back and zips up the front, and it was cute! This is the cutest bra I've worn in a long time.

A few days after my surgery as my breasts started leaking my bra got a bit icky. I asked one of the nurses to steal another one for me from the O.R. and was so excited when she brought it back to my room. I put it on and felt like I was in heaven!

I only have the two bras which means I am washing one every day. My breasts are still goopy and despite the gauze and pads I still leak thru to the bra. This afternoon I ventured out to Kohls to see if I could find something similar but there really isn't much out there. It's hard to wear the suggested sports bras when you can't really lift your arms over your head, you know?

Anyway, the bras are called Sleep Bra and aren't available in stores. If you happen upon them anywhere please let me know.

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