Monday, February 25, 2008

Ha! Doesn't that figure....

Twelve hours ago Dr. S told me to wear my binder 24/7. I told him about my girdle but he said he preferred the binder. So, I've been wearing it all night. The thing is super uncomfortable and doesn't stay in place. I'm constantly adjusting it.

I tightened it right before I got into bed and as soon as I laid down I heard this 'pffst' sound. I felt around for the bulb at the end of the drain and noticed that it was full, as if the top had popped open and let air in. I got up and walked to the bathroom so see what was up and wouldn't you know that my drain fell out!?

Actually, it didn't fall out completely. There is (was?) ten or so inches of tube that was beneath the skin. (Barf, huh?) About four inches of it had slipped out. I tried to adjust it so that it would stay but it kept sliding out so I finally just yanked it. Way, way, way gross let me tell you. Especially since the fluid is now just pouring out of me.

I'll be calling Dr. S tomorrow morning and explaining what happened. I doubt he'll want to insert another drain but he'll probably want me to come in so he can aspirate, which he did to my breast a few weeks ago (and almost made me vomit).

See what happens when you listen to your doctor?

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