Friday, February 29, 2008

don't look....don't look....don't look....

I had an appt with Dr. S this morning and as I feared he decided to aspirate. He looked at my chest and said that it was healing well but when he saw my belly he got a very serious look on his face. Then he started poking. Then he asked me to stand up while he poked some more. Then he said he had to do something about the fluid.

Gulp! He warned me that I wouldn't feel a thing but should turn my head. I sorta leaned against the examination table (for support, in case I passed out!) and he unwrapped a large needle and syringe. I stared at the ceiling and told him not to tell me what he was doing.

He was right, I didn't feel anything. I still don't have much feeling from my chest down to my lap, or in the back of my arms. There are some patches where everything is back to normal, but thankfully I feel nothing in my lower belly.

I looked down when he was putting a bandage on me and was surprised that there was just a tiny drop of blood. When he left the room and I started to get dressed I noticed all the bloody gauze and syringe on the table behind me. Yes, I am very glad I didn't look down earlier.

I don't go back to see him for two more weeks. He said I can schedule the Stage II surgery in May or June. That's where he goes in and makes things look pretty. I'll get a bit of lipo on my belly and he'll clean up some of the scars. I am opting out of reconstructed nipples. I've decided to just get the tattoos.

When I checked my claims this morning I noticed another surgery has been paid for. The only outstanding procedure is the initial reconstruction. The breast surgeon and the plastic surgeon worked on me at the same time and all the breast surgeon bills have been paid (or written) off.

Life is good.

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