Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Five visits

On Monday I had an appt with the Infectious Disease doctor. He's the one who took over when my breasts were infected the second week. He put me on some super antibiotics but was bummed that he couldn't pin point what exactly was going on.

Well, on Monday he looked at my breasts and said he was very pleased with the way they are healing. It's so nice to have someone look at this scarred up chest of mine and say it looks great. He's a tiny bit concerned with the amount of fluid that is still draining but doesn't think it's anything too serious. He said if it doesn't improve in the next two weeks he might ask the PS to go back in and take some more tissue. I have high hopes that it won't come to that.

On the way to my appt I broke a molar. I bit into a very soft muffin and my tooth just cracked. It totally grossed me out and I called my dentist to see if they could get me in asap. Fortunately they squeezed me in Monday afternoon where I learned that a root canal and crown are in my future. As if I haven't had enough pain in my life these last couple of months.

I met with my plasic surgeon on Tuesday. Cha's school closed due to some mysterious invisible snow storm, so I was forced to bring her with me. She did surprisingly well in the examination room. I gave her a goodie bag of candy and she was happy as a clam. She sat in a corner and watched as the doctor did all sorts of bizarre things to my body.

Dr. S is also concerned about the fluid level. He said there was no way he could take out any of my drains right now and thinks that the two drains that fell out weeks ago are to blame for the slow drainage. At one point he grabbed a syringe and pulled fluid out of my left breast. He warned me ahead of time that it wouldn't hurt but that I should probably look away. He knows how skittish I am so it was a smart move. I could kinda feel what was going on but it wasn't painful, just a bit disturbing.

Overall he was also pleased with how my body is healing. My belly scar is coming along nicely I'm just still very swollen. He told me to keep up the good work, gave Cha a high-five and we were done. I've got to go back and see him next Monday for another follow up and I have my fingers crossed that these drains will be history (will I ever get tired of saying that??)

My fourth visit of the week (yep, it's still only Wednesday) was the visiting nurse who came today. She also told me that my breasts were looking fantastic and she could definitely see the progress. Last week she suggested I pick up some protein shakes and vitamin C to speed up the healing and today I gave her the awesome 'maxi-pad in the bra' tip. I think we're even. She said it was great news that the PS took out my stitches, which I hadn't even noticed. He must have done that on the sly while I had my head turned trying not to vomit.

Tomorrow I have to get some blood work done and then at 6:30 I'll be back at the dentist to begin the pre-root canal work. What a glorious way to spend Valentine's day, eh?

Friday is the first free day I've had in a while. I'm hoping to get out of the house and meet some friends from work for lunch. I promise not to overdo it!

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