Monday, February 25, 2008

Busy Monday

Cha looked awful when she woke up this morning. She was warm and cranky and I thought for sure she'd be staying home with me today. I gave her some Motrin and she snuggled up on the couch with her bear for about an hour while I cleaned the kitchen and took a shower.

I was so relieved when I walked into the living room and found her singing and dancing and asking to go to school. Her nose is dripping like a faucet but she was in a relatively good mood so I got her dressed and took her to daycare.

After I dropped her off I had to rush to Exton to meet with Dr. S. I was supposed to see him last Friday but we got a bit of snow and I didn't feel like leaving the house. Besides the drain in my abdomen is still putting out too much fluid so I knew Dr. S wasn't going to take it out. I called them on Thursday afternoon and asked to change my appt to today hoping the fluid would mellow out over the weekend. No such luck however.

Today's appointment was very uneventful. I gave Dr. S the sheet of my daily fluid output and told him I knew the tube wasn't coming out. He told me I had to wear my binder 24/7, which I haven't been. I've been wearing a very tight girdle when I'm home and then snug maternity pants when I am out (which isn't often). He said that wasn't good enough, that the binder (or girdle) had to be on all the time. Ugh! It's so uncomfortable and makes driving very difficult.

Dr. S is leaving for vacation this weekend and will be gone for two weeks. I have an appt with him Friday morning so my goal is to get rid of all this extra fluid and have him finally pull that damn tube.

After my appointment I went home and found a voicemail from the boss man. There were a couple of things that I kinda needed to do so I called him and told him I'd stop in. What I needed to do only took fifteen minutes but I was at the office for two hours chatting with my co-workers. I have to admit that was kinda awkward. Every time I see someone I cringe when I notice them checking me out. Some are more obvious than others and I understand that it's natural to look, but it still makes me uncomfortable.

One co-worker's husband was diagnosed with colon cancer in December. He had surgery the week before me and is currently receiving chemotherapy. They are still deciding if he'll need radiation or not. His cancer was much more advanced than mine and they didn't have the luxury of time to obsess over treatment options. R's husband picked the only surgeon he knew and they scheduled the surgery on the first available day. Looking back R said they would have done things differently if they had the time to research.

Standing there talking to her I realized that we were both poster children for early and late detection. I found my cancer very early and had a very fortunate outcome. When he sat down to talk about the results his doctor said he really wished he had come in sooner. He's got a rough road ahead of him and I wish him strength and much success. He's decided to continue working full time during his treatment, so I think he's got the strength thing going for him already.

Tomorrow I get a visit from the nurse. She's a very nice woman and very compassionate. She asks lots of questions and is great with giving out information and explaining everything. While talking to R today she mentioned that she's been using betadine on her husband's wounds. He also suffered a few infections and was told to clean them with betadine and peroxide. I plan on asking the nurse about it tomorrow. I was told to just use neosporin on my open wounds but it's been weeks and they are slow to heal. Dr. S didn't think they were a problem when he looked at them today but I'm anxious for my body to stop oozing.

I've been using peroxide on my belly button and it's looking good. I tried some on my chest and belly scar (which is still beyond icky) and it seemed to help. I still have very little feeling in either spot so the peroxide didn't hurt like I feared. Both areas bubbled over and turned red (which is good, right??) but I didn't feel a thing.

I'll update tomorrow after our visit.

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