Monday, February 11, 2008


Okay, not to get too graphic but I've got a couple tears in the stitching of my breasts and they leak like crazy. I grabbed a box of absorbent pads when I left the hospital but those didn't even last a week. I've tried a half dozen different types of pads and gauze strips but nothing has worked. I always leak thru my bra to my shirt. It's gross and the constant cleaning is getting old.

Yesterday I went to the pharmacy to try to find the hospital pads. They didn't have any but I got the genius idea to try maxi-pads. I picked up a box of thin-maxis just to see if they'd work and OMG they are perfect!

I can stick a couple on to my bra, lather myself up with Neosporin and be done with it. I had no leakage yesterday and the adhesive back makes it so much easier to get things together.

I have an appt with the PS tomorrow and we'll see what he says when he notices the maxi pads on my chest.

(yes, it's the little things that excite me these days.)

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