Monday, February 4, 2008

A very good day

I had a very good day. My pain was minimal, I was able to get around the house easily, I got a good system going with the drains and the meds and I am finally feeling 'smaller.'

With all the ups and downs that have been going on with my breasts the past two weeks I could never get a feel for the final product (pun intended). Today the swelling has gone way down and while they are still lumpy and bruised I can see how it won't be too much longer before they're actually normal.

My lap still looks hideous and bruised. Despite all the swelling I am finally wearing pants two sizes smaller and they are loose around my waist. I was feeling blue last week when I got home and not even my fattest of fat clothes fit. Yes, it is minor and vain but when your body hurts as much as mine did the last thing you want to worry about is looking like an even bigger cow than you feel.

BFF Kel picked up Cha from daycare today and helped with housecleaning. Cha followed her around upstairs and chatted her up while Kel changed sheets and did a load of laundry. I hope that some day I will be able to repay Kel for all the emotional, physical and spiritual support she has given me. She's a dear friend and I will forever treasure her. (Oh, she's also an incredible real estate agent - check her out!)

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