Friday, February 1, 2008


This update is long overdue, but I've been in no condition to put my thoughts together or type.

I was released last Friday and the weekend was tough. My family didn't know what to do with me or how to help, so I took on too much myself. My body was not happy with this at all and had decided it needed a break.

Matt invited the ILs over for dinner dinner Sunday night and I think all the excitement pushed me over the edge. My temp soared to 102 and I called my doctor. He told me to get to the emergency room ASAP and he would meet me there.

They admitted me and spent the next three days running every test they could. I was still running a fever and my white blood count was much too high. On Thursday the Infectious Disease Doctor and my Plastic Surgeon decided it had to be my breasts. They ran a culture last night and decided to rush me to surgery. I had planned on taking before shots of my breasts to show exactly how enormous and swollen they were, now it's just burned into the minds of the select few who actually saw them in person. The only word to truly decide them is EWWWWWW.

I got out of surgery at 1030 and I felt a 100 times better. I haven't had a temp since and the pain is much easier to take.

Despite receiving four units of blood, my white cell count is still too high so there's no plan to release me over the weekend. The Infectious Disease doctor said he'd like to keep me til at least Monday. We'll see.

There's a whole lot more to the story and I'm not quite sure I'll share. Maybe someday but I a not in my top form at the moment.

Thanks for the prayers and for thinking of me. I'm still gun shy about having visitors for the time being. I'll let you know when I feel up to seeing people.

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