Friday, December 21, 2007

$8 - For the both of us!

Update: After 24 hours I decided I hated this phone. Maybe I'll upgrade it for my birthday.

What a great deal! We decided to change cell carriers and went shopping for a new plan. Consumer Reports rated Verizon #1 in the Philly area, and my employer offers a great discount plan, so that's what we chose.

I scoped out the deals on the employee online ordering site, and sent Matt to the Verizon store to select his favorites. He fell for the MOTOKRZR K1M which seems a little girly but has lots of fun options.

We ordered two (black for him red for me) and also got the music kit which allows us to transfer music from the computer to the phone. With the employee discount we got both phones for a grand total of $8. Bargain! The plan is cheaper than our old one too, so it was a smart move.

The phone came in today and Matt's in love.

Here's my phone. Aint it pretty?

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