Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Overcompensate much?

Yes, I know I've gone overboard. This is Cha's first real Christmas and I want to make it special. Especially since I have these overly dramatic fears that I might not get another with her.

She knows about Christmas trees and Santa and the reindeer. We've been reading the story of Jesus' birthday at night before bed and I think she gets it. It's so cool to see her react to all the decorations around town or at the stores. She hasn't visited Santa yet, but I'm hoping to get her there this weekend. (She calls Santa 'Grandpa' and really, who could blame her. Have you seen a picture of my dad?? )

I had planned on getting her just a few things from Santa but I just can't stop myself. The basement is filled with toys waiting to be wrapped. There's a toy medical kit, shopping cart, dozens or puzzles and books, a baby doll with a stroller, crib and bouncy. There's also a toddler laptop. I can't wait to see her expression when she wakes up Christmas morning. It's going to be the best day ever!

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