Friday, December 14, 2007

I really like this doctor

Dr. K called me back at 4:30 today. He already had the MRI results in hand and suggested we go over the results and then cover any of my questions.

The same radiologist who performed my biopsy also read the MRI. It's good that he was already familiar with my case. The MRI showed more of what they were assuming to be cancer in the right breast. We knew there was an area of concern before they did the initial biopsy and they only sampled a small area. So, it's not surprising if the other area is cancerous as well.

Unfortunately they found more of the same in the left breast which they would need to sample. And this is where I butted in with my questions. I asked if we could hold off on the biopsy until we get the results of the genetic test. If they come back positive for the gene I would want the double mastectomy and wondered if we were even need to biopsy the left breast.

He says the left breast will need to be biopsy'd regardless. They need to know if 1) it is indeed cancerous and 2) if it's further along than what is in the right breast and if they'll need to test the lymph nodes.

I explained what a hard time I had with both the MRI and the initial biopsy and certainly didn't think I could handle an MRI guided biopsy. He said he understood and promised to send me in with a Xanax in each hand. He said we might even be able to get away with an ultrasound guided biopsy which is 'the easiest'.

I mentioned that I understood that the cancer is in very early stages, but wondered if it would still be considered early 8 weeks from now. He said there's no question regarding the right breast, but didn't know what they were dealing with in the left breast. So, it looks like I have another biopsy in the very near future.

He'll be speaking to the radiologist on Monday to discuss which route is most preferred. Since I have the genetic test on Tuesday, Dr. K suggested we get together Wednesday to discuss things.

Despite the bad news regarding the left breast, I was actually in a pretty good mood when I got off the phone. Dr. K answered all my questions, listened to my concerns, offered suggestions and talked to me like a person. Several times he mentioned that he would make the same suggestions to his wife. The staging process that he is suggesting is up to date with all the newest studies I have read online, which makes me feel like I'm in good hands. I also like that I feel like we're actually doing something.

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