Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bad morning

I woke up extra early this morning with super dry mouth. That's one of the effects of Lexapro and even tho I've been dealing with it for nine days, this morning was especially bad.

I tried to get back to sleep but couldn't turn my brain off. I kept obsessing over what's ahead. If there were any way to snap my fingers and make the next 6 months go away I would. I don't want to have another biopsy. I don't want to have surgery. I don't want to have radiation. I don't want to think about these things anymore. I want it to be summer where Matt and I can relax and toast to the fact that the past is behind us.

I'm sad and depressed and really want these meds to kick in. It's the holidays and I need to finish my shopping and make sure Cha has a magical Christmas. I just wish I could find the energy to get out of my PJs.

Sorry to be a downer. I didn't want to hide it.

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