Sunday, December 9, 2007


I took my first pill on Thursday the 6th at 2:00 in the afternoon. I felt nothing the first day. I heard it would make me very thirsty so I drank lots of water as a preventative measure. I thought it would be interesting to track the side effects and what it does for me.

Friday the 7th - I took it again at 2:00 and by 5:00 I felt like someone had poured buckets of warm mud on top of my head. My head felt so heavy and I was tired. I could barely keep my eyes open. I was also super thirsty!

Saturday the 8th - A friend suggested taking the pills at night so the side effects would hit me while I slept. Smart move! I was still tired, but not as much. It also made me very very and thirsty and my tongue felt like it weighed a ton. I took a short walk and noticed that I was more aware of my body than I had been in a while. I could feel my toes as I walked and the way my clothes felt against my skin. I wonder if the depression has dulled my senses. It hit me at 7:00 that I hadn't eaten since breakfast when I had coffee and half a scone. I wasn't the least bit hungry and hadn't even thought of food all day.

Monday the 10th - Still feeling super tired. I think my sinus infection is back, which might explain things. I'm expecting to feel better any minute now (right?)

Wednesday the 12th - Not as tired today but I've still got my cold. I'm back at work and thinking clearly. That's a good sign!

Thursday the 20th - Two weeks to the day, just like CC said, I am skipping with joy! Little things just aren't bothering me anymore. I still feel emotions and get happy and sad, but the sadness isn't extreme. I feel like things roll off my back easily.

Sunday the 30th - I'm thinking about calling my doctor to up the dosage. Since I got the call about the surgery being scheduled I have been so anxious and on edge. At this point I think I need something stronger.

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